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We make it quicker, easier and cheaper to hire the most qualified hedge fund analysts.

Our proprietary Wall Street Admissions Test (WSAT) allows employers to objectively rank candidates based on their overall intelligence and proficiency in relevant skills to a hedge fund analyst. The WSAT measures a candidate's proficiency in Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Valuation, Math, Logic, and Economics and can be easily administered through our technology platform. Our proprietary test will save you time and money by allowing you to focus your hiring efforts on only the most qualified applicants.

Compare hiring options:Do-it-yourselfHead
of Walls
Rank candidates quickly and objectively: the WSAT
Easy-to-use technology platform to compare and evaluate candidates
Low price for an unlimited # of candidates
High quality, pre-screened candidates
Save valuable time in hiring efforts

The WSAT is a proprietary test specifically designed to measure skills relevant to a hedge fund analyst and has been independently validated by professors from established universities.

Our technology platform provides graph analytics and data reporting tools to help employers compare candidates based on their performance. Candidates can be easily benchmarked to one another, as well as against global averages.

Unlimited applicants can be evaluated for the same low price, and with virtually no additional effort.

The most qualified candidates are readily accessible as the platform automatically ranks candidates based on your specific hiring needs

You save time and money by focusing your hiring efforts on only the best candidates.

Save time and money:Hire the BEST talent:
  • Post your jobs for FREE!
  • Sort applications by your criteria
  • Screen unlimited # of candidates
  • No more headhunter fees
  • Compare all applicants' WSAT scores
  • Source applicants from an elite pool
  • Interview the best of the best
  • Discover hidden sources of talent

For more information, and a web demo, please contact Greg Winterton at (+1) 646 223 6787 or email greg.winterton@thomsonreuters.com


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