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Skewing Your Diversification on managed futures, liquid alts and HedgeWorld Midwest
By Chris Clair
Monday, June 02, 2014

I had the pleasure Sunday night of joining Brian Haskin, CEO of Alternative Strategy Partners, and Mark Shore, founder and chief research officer at Shore Capital Management, on Mark's Internet show, "Skewing Your Diversification." The show airs regularly on the BTFD.tv site and is available there and via YouTube. If you don't know what BTFD stands for, the B is for "Buy", the T is for "The" and the D is for "Dip." The F is an intensifier.

Last night's show covered the upcoming HedgeWorld Midwest conference, June 24 and 25 at the Ritz Carlton Chicago. Mark and Brian will both be moderating panels there June 24. Brian's will cover liquid alternatives vs. funds of funds and Mark's will deal with investor expectations for managed futures and hedge fund performance. The full agenda is here.

We also discussed the rise of liquid alternatives and how they can figure into a portfolio, as well as managed futures performance and asset flows. Mark has the show embedded on his site here, along with a link to previous episodes. I've also embedded it below. It's a pretty good use of 30 minutes and I had a great time, even though Brian is a Kings fan. The hockey Kings, not the basketball Kings. Although he may follow the basketball Kings, too. We didn't cover that. The three of us did cover a lot of good alternatives ground, however. Enjoy.

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